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Our investment style is based on four integrated pillars, which include our advisers’ investment experience, our guiding principles, our approach to investing and the investment process. 


We have been in the investment advisory business since 1989 and our team includes five very experienced Authorised Financial Advisers with over one hundred and fifty years of experience between them.


As the action points of our philosophy we base our investment advice on the following principles:

  • We take a long term view.
  • We are value investors, actively seeking investments that analysis shows are fairly priced or under-priced.
  • We are conservative investors, where conserving capital as well as growing it are the focus.
  • We are reasonably passive investors.  We buy high quality bonds and shares, holding them for long term capital growth and income.
  • We have a disciplined approach to risk management by establishing a strategic asset mix for the client.
  • We strongly believe in diversification of capital.
  • We keep the investment process simple and easy for clients to understand.


Our approach may differ from other advisers through the application of our principles but if we believe the current investment trend is not in your best interest, we are happy to differ and sit on the side-lines.

  • We keep you engaged in the investment process by reporting to you regularly, and make investment recommendations that you approve before we proceed.
  • Our fees are reasonable and reflect the time involved rather than the size of your investment portfolio.
  • We don’t have high fee structures nor like the general use of performance fees.
  • We keep in mind your tax requirements when developing your portfolio.
  • Your investments are held securely.  They are retained in your own name or if you prefer, in the name of an external custodian.  We do not ever handle any client monies or hold investments for clients.
  • Our staff is friendly, collaborative and has a consultative approach.
  • You have two advisers, including a principal, who is supported by one of our investment services team whose assist in the administration of your account.
  • We like to meet with you regularly and we are happy to talk with you at any time for advice or assistance.  You can contact the investment services team directly with administrative enquiries.
  • Our aim is for you to be comfortable dealing with any one of our team at JMIS.


  • Our advisers follow a formal investment process to align the portfolio with your investment objectives and risk profile. 
  • We strive to make the investment process simple and personalised and the risks clear for you to understand.
  • Your situation may change so we review your investment objectives and strategy on a regular basis.
  • We provide you a Preliminary Investment Report that:
    • Outlines your current financial situation and investment objectives.
    • Confirms risk tolerance levels and return expectations.
    • Recommends an appropriate investment strategy.
    • Expands on the types of investments that will best fit your portfolio and the way forward in managing your portfolio.  
  • When you choose JMIS as your investment adviser, we require information such as bank account numbers, entity names, IRD numbers, tax rates, and photographic identification.

Click here to view an easy to read flow chart of our investment process.